Aligning food systems for healthy diets and improved nutrition

Every advances in health sciences reinforces the fundamental truth that nutritious food is essential for attaining full physical and cognitive potential, as well as sustaining good health. The world’s food system today faces the twin challenges of producing enough food to nourish a global population of seven billion people without harming the environment, while at the same time, delivering optimal nourishment in term of energy and nutrient needs. Food systems are rapidly evolving in response to changing diet and other drivers with cascading effect not only on the health and nutrition, but also for the environment. Any change on food systems will influence other determinants of nutrition that will improve or worsen the nutrition situation. Food systems-based intervention options linking nutrition and agriculture have great potential to improve public health and nutritional outcomes through sustainable diets, while at the same time reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable food systems promoting healthy diets require rationale public policies from production to consumption across all sectors. Coherent action and innovative food system solutions are needed now to ensure access to sustainable, balanced and healthy diets for all. The overarching aim is to generate attention and awareness to enhance the diversity, quality, and safety of the food system and make it more accessible and inclusive to all people at all times. Therefore, the Second International NIN Centenary Conference aims to explore policies and programme options for shaping the food systems for healthy diets and improved nutrition, based on country experiences and challenges. It will provide a platform for various stakeholders to discuss, share knowledge, views, experiences and lessons learned on sustainable healthy food systems to improve the nutritional status and health of all population groups to address dietary gaps and opportunities through food systems.

Call for abstracts: Abstracts submission is open to all on the following thematic areas

  1. Nutrition situation, Food security and nutrition policies at national, regional and global level
  2. Targeted nutrition programmes and its impact
  3. Effective food system for non-communicable diseases
  4. Food fortification and crop biofortification for improving micronutrient status
  5. Enhancing nutrition through agricultural policy and practise
  6. Biodiversity, sustainable food systems and healthy diets
  7. Role of private sector in supplying healthy and diversified nutritious foods
  8. Food system – public and private stakeholders
  9. Nutrition promotion and education
  10. Transitioning towards nutrition sensitive food systems

Abstract review and acceptance: All the abstracts submitted will be peer reviewed and decision on acceptance/rejection will be communicated within two weeks of submission. However, confirmation on whether the abstract is allotted for oral or poster presentation will be communicated by 20th October 2018