2nd International NIN Centenary Conference

“Aligning Food Systems for Healthy Diets and

Improved Nutrition”

11-13 November 2018

National Institute of Nutrition,

Hyderabad – 500 007

TS, India

Venue: NINAuditorium,

National Institute Nutrition, Hyderabad


DAY-1: 11 NOVEMBER 2018
0800-0930 Registration
0930 – 1100 Opening session:


Lighting of lamp  
Welcome R Hemalatha

NIN, Hyderabad

About the conference T Longvah

NIN, Hyderabad

Greetings from Tata Trust Harish Krishnaswamy

Tata Trust, Mumbai

Greetings from BMGF Purvi Mehta

BMGF, New Delhi

Greetings from ICMR GS Toteja

ICMR, New Delhi

Inaugural address Rajesh Kumar

Jt. Secretary, DWCD, New Delhi

Inaugural Keynote lecture Ann Tutwiler

Director General,
Bioversity International, Rome

Vote of thanks A Laxmaiah

NIN, Hyderabad

National anthem  
1100-1130 Coffee/Tea Break &


1130 – 1300 Panel discussion on “Aligning food system for healthy diets and improved nutrition”

Panel discussion Chair: Rajesh Kumar, Jt Secretary, DWCD, New Delhi


1130 – 1120 From Food Security to Nutrition Security: Implications for Policy and Action Uma Lele

Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi

1120 – 1125 Agriculture perspective Purvi Mehta

BMGF, New Delhi

1125 – 1130 Biodiversity perspective Ruth Charrondiere

FAO, Santiago

1130 – 1135 Nutrition perspective



SJRI, Bangalore

1135 – 1140 Food system perspective


Alan Dangour

LSHTM, London

1140 – 1200 Q & A


1200 – 1330 Plenary session 1: Global practices in aligning food systems for healthy diets

Session Chair: Purvi Mehta


BRAC’s experience and Global panel’s work KaosarAfsana

BRAC, Bhaka, Bangladesh

Innovative methods and metrics in agriculture-food systems research



London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

Transforming Agriculture Systems to deliver on Food Systems


Srivalli Krishnan

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

New Delhi

New methods for analyzing Drivers of Food Choice behaviours


Shailaja Patil

BLDE University

1330-1430 Lunch Break
1430-1600 Oral Presentations-1

Chair: GS Toteja, Head, Nutrition, ICMR, New Delhi

[8 min for each presentation]

Worldwide trends in human height Andrea Rodriguez, United Kingdom
Trends of nutritional Intake during the course of pregnancy in Indian women Parmeet Kaur, India
Obesity and the Susceptibility of the Occurrence of Lower Limbs Osteoarthritis in a Cohort of Women from El Jadida province Houda Elfane, Morocco
Etiological factors associated with severe anaemia among school age children Swetha Boddula, India
Ecological sampling as food system for healthy diet of Baka/Bantu population living in the Sangha Trinational park in central Africa Djoulde Darman Roger, Cameroon
Exploring the food and nutrition landscape in private Indian secondary schools: A qualitative study Neha Rathi, India
Comparison of Nutrients Intake between the Two Consecutively Published Food Composition Table in Bangladesh Md Ruhul Amin, Bangladesh
Prevalence and risk factors of undernutrition among underfive children of tribal community. Sini Mol, India
Implementing a Life Cycle Approach to Nutrition through Community Based Front line Health Workers Imran Ahmed Chowdhury,



Nutrient Intake and Depression Symptoms among Mumbai Adolescents, ages 13-19 years Panchali Moitra, India
Anthocyanin degradation and the Key underlying food insecurity Mamatha Chandra Singh, Australia
1600 – 1630 Coffee/Tea Break &


1630 – 1800 Plenary Session-2: Agro-biodiversity for nutrition and healthy diets
  Session Chair: Kumar Nallur, Krishna


Overview of Agrobiodiversity for nutrition and health in Asia Gina Kennedy

Bioversity Inte

rnational, Washington, USA

World Bank: World Bank perspective on  Agrobiodiversity for nutrition and health in Asia Ashi Kohli Kathuria

World Bank, New Delhi, India

Future Smart Food, rediscovering hidden treasures of neglected and underutilized species for zero hunger in Asia. Xuan Li

FAORAB, Bangkok, Thailand

Promoting NUS for nutrition and health: Case study on minor millets in India Oliver King

MSSRF, Chennai, India

Genetic resources of Neglected and underutilized fruits for food and nutrition security S B Dandin

Bioversity International, Bangalore, India


DAY-2:                    12November 2018

Keynote Address

  Keynote Chair: Indira Chakravarty, Chief Adviser, Public Health Engineering Dept., Govt. of West Bengal, India


0900-0930 Malnutrition India – the protein conundrum: Anura Kurpad,
St John’s Medical College, Bengaluru, India 
0930-1035 Plenary session 3: Biodiversity, sustainable food systems and healthy diets
  Session Chair :Gina Kennedy
Aligning food systems for healthy nutrition Meenakshi JV

Delhi School of Economics, Delhi, India

Elaboration of a dataset to centralize chemical composition data for the promotion of nutrient-rich foods in Brazil Fernanda Grande

University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

The significance of indigenous peoples’ food system: The case of Northeast India T Longvah

NIN, Hyderabad

Filling harvest and nutrient ‘gaps’ through site specific food tree portfolios Barbara Stadlmayr

ICRAF, World Agroforestry Cente, Tree Productivity and Diversity, Kenya

1035-1105 Coffee/Tea Break &


  Session Chair: P Uday Kumar, NIN, Hyderabad

[8 min for each presentation]

  Agroforestry systems for sustainable production of diversity of food and non-food products BB Ghaley, Denmark
  Assessing Nutritional Diversity in Crop Germplasm using NIR Spectroscopy : A case study of Amaranth, Buckwheat & Chickpea Rakesh Bhardwaj, India
  Effect of Land Ownership Insecurity and Agrobiodiversity on Dietary Diversity of Women and Children from Rural Settings: Evidence from Northern and Eastern Uganda Beatrice Ekesa Onyango, Uganda
  Promoting Sustainable Farming through Conservation and Regeneration of Native Seed for Food and Nutrition Security in South India Salome Yesudas, India
  Role of dietary energy density in obesity among young adults in Malaysia Satvinder Kaur Nachatar Singh,  Malaysia
  ICAR initiatives addressing cereal biofortification of the nation Neeraja CN, India
  Higher  dietary glycine intake is associated with higher risk of Type 2 diabetes Akinkunmi Okekunle, China
  Food perceptions, nutritional and nutraceutical profiles of indigenous vegetables of Andaman Islands Shrawan Singh, India
  Protein quality evaluation of complementary foods in Indian children Nirupama Shivakumar, India
  Identification of a process of for enhancement of shelf life and maintenance of nutritional profile in minimally processed fenugreek leaves Ranjitha K, India
  Ecologically sustainable nutrition security through indigenous foods Salome Yesudas, India
1300-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1545 Plenary session – 4: Effective food system for non-communicable diseases


Session chair – AL Khandare, NIN, Hyderabad


Role of Private sector in  Scaling up efforts to reduce malnutrition maladies V. Prakash

Distinguished Scientist, CSIR, India

Obesity reduction in the UK with special reference to childhood obesity Catherine Geissler

King’s College London, UK

Challenges in food system transformation to reduce overweight and obesity in children Helmut Heseker

Institute of Nutrition, Paderborn, Germany

The India  State-Level  Disease  Burden  Initiative D.K. Shukla

Indian Council of Medical research, New Delhi, India

Effect of Trans fatty acids on cardiometabolic health and implications for national policy Visith Chavasit

Institute of Nutrition, Mahidol University, Thailand

Is the Indian diet healthy?: M Radhika

National Institute Of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

Behaviour change communication in Nutrition Sylvia Fernandez Rao

National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

1545-1615 Tea/Coffee break &


1615-1800 Plenary Session- 5: Nutrition situation at global, national and regional level
Session chair – Ranjan Sankar


Food and Nutrition Literacy in primary-school children in Iran: Conceptualization and measurement Nasrin Omidvar

ShahidBeheshti University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran

Common errors in dietary assessment between diet and disease


Jeanne De Vries

Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Epidemiology of NCDs – Global perspective Majid Ezzati
Impact of nutrient supplementation on maternal and child health in Africa: the case of small-quantity lipid-based nutrient supplements Seth Adu Afarwuah

University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana

An assessment of nutritional status of household members with respect to food and nutrient consumption by Nutrition Survey of Bangladesh 2017-18. Nazma Shaheen

Institute of Nutrition and Food science, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Nutritional status in India- role of food system A . Laxmaiah

National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

Evidence and future opportunities for effective nutrition – Focused social protection programmes in India’s changing food system Samuel Scott





DAY-3:                 13November 2018

Keynote Address

  Keynote Address Chair: R. Hemalatha, Director, NIN


0900-0930 Sustainable and healthy food systems in India: now and in the future: Alan Dangour, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, UK


0930-1130 Plenary session – 6: Food based strategies for improving micronutrient status
Session chair – Ruth Charrondiere, FAO, Santiago


Enhancing mineral bioavailability from cereals: Current strategies and future perspective Paul Sharp

King’s College London, UK

Rice fortification- opportunity to address micronutrient deficiencies Shariqua Yunus

World Food Programme,
New Delhi, India

Micronutrient biofortification of staple crops: progress, challenges and prospects H. S. Dhaliwal

Eternal University, Himachal Pradesh, India

Is Zinc required for optimal iron status: The emerging paradigm P. Raghu

National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

Breeding vegetable crops for improved human nutrition Prof Kalia

ICAR-Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi, India

Efficacy trials of micronutrient fortified rice on school children M Radhika, NIN Hyderabad
1130-1200 Coffee/Tea Break &


1200 -1300 Young People Unique Idea Presentations

Session Chair:

1300-1400 Lunch Break
1400-1530 Plenary session – 7: Enhancing nutrition through agricultural policy and practice
Session chair – Rekha Sinha, Executive Director, ILSI, New Delhi


Impacts of agroecosystems producing farmed seafood on food security and nutritional status – a global perspective Baukje de Roos

The Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen, UK

Influencing food environment for healthy diets: role of agriculture in the Indian context Bharati Kulkarni

National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, India

Importance of horticultural fruits and vegetables in food systems


K L Chadha

President, The Horticultural Society of India

New Delhi

Opportunities to improve nutrition outcomes


Hettie Schonfeld

University of Pretoria, South Africa

Exploring of tropical underutilised fruits and vegetables for human nutrition and sustainable diet


Amin bin Ismail

Universiti Putra, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1530-1630 Plenary session – 8: Transitioning towards nutrition sensitive food systems
Session chair – Helmut Heseker













Achieve healthy and sustainable food systems – what needs to change


Ruth Charrondiere

FAO Regional Office, Santiago, Chile

Nutritional quality improvement of food crops through biofortification in India: Present and future prospects Ravindra Babu

Patanjali Bio Research Institute, Haridwar, India

Food price volatility in India and nutrition vulnerability


C.S.C. Sekhar

Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India

Leveraging agriculture for improving nutrition outcomes in India Kuldeep Singh

ICAR-National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, India

1630 -1700 Tea / Coffee break



Valedictory and Award Ceremony

Outline of Scientific Program

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