Young People Unique Idea (YPUI) session

The organizers are looking for extraordinary young people with a unique perspective for sustainable solution to any form of malnutrition prevailing in the world today especially in developing countries. The idea should be new and innovative, perhaps challenging beliefs and perspectives of what we think we know in nutrition with a compelling new argument behind it. In other words, an idea focused to change the lives of malnourished people

We are looking for young people heard and seen by few, but who have a unique approach in the field of nutrition, a new perspective to share – which they can convey in a dynamic way.

Six young people with exceptionally good ideas will be chosen by internationally renowned nutritionist from among all the entries. The selected person will be provided with the platform to present their idea in 15 minutes with 10 minutes of interactive session with the conference delegates.

Students and early researchers below the age of 35 are eligible to join the competition. Apply and be one of the chosen few for the unique opportunity to present your idea!

Selection for YPUI Session
All abstract submitted for YPUI will be evaluated by international panel and selection will be made based on the most innovative practical idea. Those selected based on abstract will be asked to send in their video YPUI condensed to 4 minutes. Final selection will be made based on the video presentation.

NIN Centenary Travel Grant : All participants selected for the Young People Unique Idea (YPUI)  session will be awarded the NIN Centenary Travel Grant which includes economy air fare, registration, accommodation, VISA fees and airport transfer expenses.